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10 Years of Tradition

Since we have been doing taxi business for more than 10 years, we have seen what is missing in the market, which is certainly a quality and verified taxi service that the taxi service user in Zagreb can rely on.

Since our business future depends solely on the satisfaction of our customers, we are with our clients in constant, direct contact. So we can follow the demands of our users and strive to meet every demand, the highest quality service and the best price.

Zagreb Airport Taxi Online Booking

You can book your taxi service via our booking form, or you can just what is the price for service you want to use.

The advantages of our van:

Equipped with VIP 4030X seats – 8 separate seats with removable doorway, inclined backrest, table top, cup grid, etc.
Webasto System – two coolers and a specially ventilated air conditioning system are installed in the vehicles, so that the client does not have the feeling of traveling at all.
Electric Staircase – facilitates entry to all passengers at the side door
Tinted Glass – Through tinted and dimmed glass, every view and insight into the interior of a vehicle is impossible so that such glasses provide the client with a sense of discretion, security from unwanted and unnecessary views of a curious environment.
The Mercedes Sprinter 316 – known for space and comfort in the seating arrangement 3 + 2 + 2 + 2, guarantees maximum comfort for all passengers.

Minivan transfers Zagreb

In addition to standard taxi services, which imply transport of personal cars Taxi Zagreb Airport offers you also transportation in van vehicles. Over the years we have seen the need for this type of service and we have enriched the fleet with a modern van with a capacity of 7 and 8 passengers + driver. 

Taxi van Zagreb is used to transport small groups for longer or shorter travels. Mercedes Sprinter capacity of 8 + 1 guarantees comfort service to our clients . The vehicle is designed exclusively according to our needs, and the processing was done by one of the leading processing companies in this part of Europe.  Superior materials, hand-made, where every detail and needs met and the most demanding are used. The car has eight comfortable anatomy armchairs in top-of-the-range canvas design, an LCD TV and a complete multimedia that can serve the client to disable traveling time or active driving while driving.

Rent a van with a driver

Maximum personalized service as the driver and the vehicle are at your disposal. This service is most often used by companies, associations, and organizations when they are on a trip or team building.


Transfers to / from terminals

Our driver welcomes you at the bus or train station and drives you to the final destination. This service is designed solely as a private transport.

Airport transfers

We offer you transfer to all airports in Croatia and abroad. Departure is arranged in agreement with the client, and may be one or more addresses. 

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