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You can book our services through a booking form or you can send us a free inquiry.


Our staff is at your disposal for all your inquiries. For any question send us an e-mail or fill out the contact form and our operator will contact you in the shortest possible time. All our prices are transparent.


Submit your request with the date of the desired service. Unfortunately, we may be busy on specific dates, but we work with reliable and proven partners, which is why we can certainly offer free capacity.


confim booking

After we confirm you availability and price for desired transfer, you once again confirm your booking.

Where can I find my driver?

Your driver will wait you at the agreed location defined in your e-mail at the time stated at the time of booking. For airport transfers: driver will usually always be in front of arrival gate and hold a welcome sign with your name.

My driver is not here, what should I do?

If our driver is late, we will notify you by telephone (if you provide us with an international telephone number to which we can contact you) or by e-mail if the telephone number listed does not work. In all other cases, our driver will be at the agreed time at the agreed place. Note: Due to heavy traffic, maybe our driver may arrive late. Therefore, wait for the driver and contact us (contact telephone: +385915003355); there is always the possibility of an emergency or it may happen that our driver does not see you.

I forgot my personal belongings in the vehicle, how can I get these?

Please contact us immediately with the exact description of the lost items returned to you. If necessary, a small fee will be paid – for transfer to your address.

Do you offer child seats?

If you need child seats, these can be in our vehicles for maximum safety. Please do not forget to mention that when booking.

How can I pay for my transfer?

You can pay by credit card in the vehicle, in cash or by bank transfer.

What does the transport price include?

The one-way price includes transportation from the starting point to your destination. The price for the round trip also includes transportation from the destination back to the starting point. All prices include all costs resulting from the transfer (road, tunnel toll, ferry …)

Can we have unplanned stop?

If necessary, your driver can stop at unplanned locations. All other changes to the itinerary must be agreed upon when booking.

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